Partner of the Week

“Anybody who has ever served knows what a battle buddy is.”  This is what Gene Bryant says inspired him to found the nonprofit Battle Buddies for Life in 2014. For many military members suffering with emotional pain, taking the first step to finding help, and finding the means to fund that help, are the biggest barriers.

Battle Buddies for Life helps the military community by breaking down those barriers and taking that first step for them. They find clinical help that is a good fit for that individual, get the help in one to three days, and pay the first five co-pays for that help. By taking away the stress of an otherwise daunting process, Battle Buddies for Life makes finding counseling easy.

Battle Buddies for Life also offers a lifeline that is 100 percent veteran manned and operated 24/7. This means a military member can call 803-768-LIFE at any time and know that a veteran will answer the phone. Gene explains that veterans can relate to each other in ways that a civilian may not be able to, and knowing that a veteran is on the other end of the phone may make a military member more comfortable.

“No matter what branch, no matter how long you served, we will be your battle buddy,” says Gene.  In his opinion, being a part of the military is a bond that cannot be broken. That’s why he and Battle Buddies for Life are dedicated to getting their brothers and sisters in arms the help they deserve\